3 Signs That it’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone’s Software

One of the greatest gifts of technology is the smartphone. You can video call your grandfather in his senior living facility, order a new couch, and make $200 all within the same hour in your pajamas because of it. But technology has far from perfected cell phone technology so things like regular software updates are important. 

How can you tell when your phone really needs an update besides the incessant notifications from your settings? Here are 3 signs. 

Security Vulnerabilities

Outdated software leaves your phone vulnerable to security threats. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to exploit security weaknesses in older software versions and upgrading your phone’s software is one of the most effective ways to maintain control.

Here are signs that your phone has security vulnerabilities: 

  • Pop-up ads on your phone’s home screen could be a sign that your phone has been infected with adware

  • Unexplained data usage could be a sign that malware is running in the background

  • Unexplained changes to things like your settings could be a sign that someone has gained unauthorized access 

  • Messages or emails sent without your consent could be a sign that someone has gained unauthorized access to your phone or that your phone has been infected with malware

Sluggish Phone Performance

A slow phone is not just frustrating but it can also be incredibly inconvenient. Imagine being late to a zoom meeting because your phone took several minutes to load. Or missing a birthday party because your ride-share apps took forever to load. Updates typically contain bug fixes and performance enhancements that improve your phone’s speed and responsiveness.

Here are signs that your phone is more sluggish than average: 

  • If it takes longer than usual for your phone to respond to your touch

  • If your apps are freezing or crashing more often than usual

  • If you find that web pages take longer than usual to load 

Battery Drain 

Poor battery life is up there with a slow response phone when it comes to being frustrating and inconvenient. Not every spot has a charging station and power banks can be expensive. Imagine having to leave a date early or else your phone won’t have enough battery left to call your roommate to let you in. While upgrading your phone’s software is not a guaranteed solution for improving battery life – other factors, such as phone usage habits and the age of your battery, can also impact battery life – it may help as it can optimize power management, fix system bugs, and introduce new power-efficient features.

Here are signs that your battery life is poorer than average:

  • If your battery discharges quickly even when you’re not using power-hungry applications or features 

  • If you have to charge your device several times a day

  • If your phone shuts down unexpectedly even though it shows that it has some battery life remaining 

  • If your phone gets hot frequently your battery is working harder than it should be 

Keeping up with your phone’s software updates is one of the top ways to take full advantage of this tech gadget. When in doubt, look for these signs that mean you should upgrade. 

Post Author: Jacob Noah