Technology and the Older Generation: 4 Ways It’s a Lifesaver

Technology has certainly caused more problems than expected and the older generation will be the first to tell you this. However, there are countless benefits to using technology in everyday lives, and for older generations, the benefits can be especially life-saving. Here are four ways that technology has helped improve the lives of older adults.

Assisted Living

In recent years assisted living for the elderly has become more and more unavoidable. The dangers of leaving the elderly unassisted range from the psychological strain of loneliness that comes with living without social support, to the physical dangers of falls and accidents in an at-risk population. 

The burden of finding the right assisted living facility has always been great- one misguided decision could mean years of abuse and neglect. Thanks to the internet, discovering the best senior care facility is a matter of reading online reviews and perusing the websites and social media pages of different facilities. 

Memory Care

For many older adults, memory loss is a warranted fear. However, it’s not an inevitable part of aging, and memory retention can be greatly improved with cognitive exercises while the effects of memory loss are managed. 

This is where technology can also be a real lifesaver. Online brain-training games designed for seniors, for example, work by stimulating different parts of the brain. A person’s memory is challenged, helping keep the mind active and healthy, which in turn helps improve memory retention. 

Then, the effects of mild memory loss can be managed with organizational software like digital photo albums, VR headsets, voice-activated reminders, and smart pillboxes. 

There are now several apps and websites that offer tools specifically for seniors who want to get their lives in order. These tools help with everything from budgeting to meal planning to medication reminders. 

Security and Safety

Older adults are often targeted by scammers, as they are seen as easy targets. This is because they are more likely to have money saved up and may not be as familiar with complex banking technology(this is an admitted disadvantage of technology). 

However, technology redeems itself. Thanks to security features like password protection and multi-factor authentication, it is becoming increasingly difficult for scammers to steal the identity or financial information of the elderly.

Plus, many older adults now carry personal emergency response devices (PERS), which allow them to call for help in case of an emergency.

Mobility Aids

Moving around can be difficult after a certain age. With advancements in elder mobility technology, it has become fairly easier. 

The latest technology in mobility devices for the elderly includes smart wheelchairs; with the help of sensors and an intelligent control system, they can navigate unknown environments, avoid obstacles, and travel along predefined routes. They also have a built-in power assist system that makes it easier to move around for those with limited strength.

Then, remote controls eliminate the need to move. Seniors can control all the devices in their homes from a single device. This includes things like lights, fans, air-conditioning, thermostats, and even appliances. 

It may seem like technology only benefits the younger generation, but that’s not the case at all. Technology has a lot to offer older adults as well, and in many cases, it can be a lifesaver.

Post Author: Jacob Noah